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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

See you...


I think we've mentioned before that we do an English class once a week at our small local government office place. It's sort of a review, because most of the people that come have studied English for a little bit in school....it may have been several years ago...but it isn't all brand new, you know? Anyway, they are a fun group, and we have fun comparing languages... what to say when someone is traveling or has a new baby in the family... the stuff that comes up in daily life.

My favorite came up a couple of weeks ago. Our student said the Dharija equivalent, and then said, "What do you say in English? See you.... happy?"

We said it's a nice thought, but, yeah, we don't say that.

Mike and I debated what this really means.. I will see you later and I hope you are happy when we meet! I will see you, and we will be happy! I will walk along with you and see you to happiness! YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

I think it's awesome, no matter what. See you happy :) Mike's not totally sold, but I'm working on it. And calling on you all. Let's say it. It's so cheerful and well, happy. How could you not leave with a smile when someone says that as you leave?

So, see you happy....



Blogger Lindsey said...

what was the darija equivalent? i'm trying to learn some before going to morocco in june.

great blog, by the way! i forget how i stumbled upon it initially but i frequently check for updates. good stuff.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Katie M said...

I'm sold too. :)

11:24 AM  
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