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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Sad Goodbye

Michael’s Gramma passed away this past week. Our thoughts and prayers are with his Grampa, Mom, Dad, and siblings. We wish we were there, to say goodbye together, and to be there for you. Know that we love you!!

Mike promised some L’Eid pictures, so they are coming, but they are going to be down the page a little so this can be a warning space. The pictures are going to be a little…a lot…bloody, so please be careful about who’s around you, and if blood is not your thing – don’t scroll down!

In the space until the pictures, I’ll tell you that we have secured a post office box so for the remaining 17 months we are here, we have a real, permanent address! Here it is:

Michael and Jana Huffman

B.P. 61

84000, Province of Tata


Any mail you send or have sent to the previous address(es) will still come to us, so no worries.

Alright, time for some pictures…
So, first is the slaughter. I didn't post any pictures because, well, it is just too bloody. If you guys want them, just let me know... I just didn't want to show too much. This is the beginning of the skinning process. The start at the back legs, and you can see that someone is holding the broken leg... a little handle.
This is the skinning process a little further down the line. We like this one because he is using his whole body -- our host family thought it was hilarious and made sure we got a picture.

Here are the heads of our sacrifices. The little kids thought they were great. This is all a scary adventure for us, but they do this every year and it is a HUGE holiday -- they love it!!

Like Mike said, the first day you eat the organs, grilled in stomach fat. Here is the guys getting it prepared to grill.


Anonymous Papa R. said...

Terry called us with the news of Mike's grandmother. You have been in our thoughts and prayers.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Property in Morocco said...

Wow , nice pictures.
I know that according Muslim traditions, people should cut firstly a head of a sheep, and read some prayers. It is a tradition.
Also in Ramadan holiday people usually sacrifice a sheep, and then give this meat to distressed people.

3:44 AM  

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