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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

See you...


I think we've mentioned before that we do an English class once a week at our small local government office place. It's sort of a review, because most of the people that come have studied English for a little bit in school....it may have been several years ago...but it isn't all brand new, you know? Anyway, they are a fun group, and we have fun comparing languages... what to say when someone is traveling or has a new baby in the family... the stuff that comes up in daily life.

My favorite came up a couple of weeks ago. Our student said the Dharija equivalent, and then said, "What do you say in English? See you.... happy?"

We said it's a nice thought, but, yeah, we don't say that.

Mike and I debated what this really means.. I will see you later and I hope you are happy when we meet! I will see you, and we will be happy! I will walk along with you and see you to happiness! YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

I think it's awesome, no matter what. See you happy :) Mike's not totally sold, but I'm working on it. And calling on you all. Let's say it. It's so cheerful and well, happy. How could you not leave with a smile when someone says that as you leave?

So, see you happy....