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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Our teeth are approved for peace corps service!

The rest of our bodies are still waiting. We got letters yesterday in the mail with our dental clearances. We will always be cleared together, and a phone call to one of the med folks earlier this week revealed that Michael is missing some lab tests, so we'll have to wait for those to get our Medical Clearance...

It is now October... if we still leave in March, that means only 5 or so months to go! Thanksgiving will be here in no time, and Christmas is always sooner than you think. In January we will hopefully get an invitation...and then learn, shop, think, and scramble around for two months before leaving! Woo hoo!

We're definately excited. I am dealing though, with the idea of not being a part of the fabulous things that will continue to go on in the lives of people I love. I have a friend getting married, one having a second beautiful baby... and I will learn about these things, and see pictures, but ...just that humbling realization that, yes, life does go on without me... believe it or not. :)