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Sunday, September 25, 2005

the next step

We have submitted our Peace Corps medical, dental, and eye exam packets. Now we wait four to six weeks for medical clearance -- one more step taken. We won't receive our invitation packet (assuming we pass medical and legal clearance) , I believe, until January or so, so we won't have any more big "news" until then. People are interested to hear how things are going, but it is definately a process with slow but steady developments (at least in our case). I never quite know what to say when people ask how "Peace Corps stuff" is going! It will be wonderful to have something fabulous to say in January. :)

Everyone who conducted the exams (nurses, doctors, etc.) was supportive and interested in what we were doing and where, but my favorite was my dental hygienist. He was a younger guy, pretty macho, but very kind. He didn't know much about Peace Corps and was interested, but expressed something I hear from a lot of people -- I'm glad you are doing that, but I don't think it is something I could do/ would choose to do.... I was trying not to get too sappy (because I'm the girl who cries at Hallmark commercials...) when as I was leaving he, instead of passing on the usual toothbrush and floss, opened a box of toothbrushes and turned it into a plastic bag and threw in a couple handfuls of floss boxes so we'd be prepared. It was such a sweet thing to do.

It is interesting (and inspiring) to think about how Peace Corps volunteers are in country serving, but, couldn't be there without the support of those at home...from toothbrushes from the hygienist to emotional support from friends and family. All sorts of big and little efforts form a network to send this one (or two in our case) person, sort of as an ambassador... so the PC volunteer is a conduit to send love, care, concern from the group at home to those around them while they are abroad...

Alright, well that was a little dorky, but it strikes me more and more how those around Michael and I are becoming invested in what we do. Very cool.